Fall Fete Program of Support 2013
Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics CPCT

In 2013 Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics (CPCT) received proceeds from the Fall Fete. The CPCT is a revolutionary new area of Mount Sinai focused on applying powerful state-of-the-art genomic and computational technology toward a better understanding of the unique form that cancer takes in each patient and to develop tailored, personalized treatments. The CPCT will focus on three of the most common cancer areas: triple negative breast cancer, head and neck cancer, and colon cancer. Funds raised by the Fall Fete helped the CPCT realize its ambitious goals and ensure that Mount Sinai remains at the forefront of research and treatment.

Read Esquire Magazine’s article on the work being done by the CPCT.


For additional information, please contact:
Caitlin McFeely
Associate Director of Annual Programs