Mount Sinai Health System Changing the Paradigm of Health Care

See how five Mount Sinai researchers are charting the future of biomedicine through pioneering science. Watch this video to learn more

A Turning Point For Cancer: Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy

Science Magazine named Cancer Immunotherapy the scientific breakthrough of the year. At Mount Sinai our Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy program goes even farther to transform the way we battle this disease: Each patient’s own immune system is harnessed to fight tumors, resulting in less toxicity and the potential for extraordinary success. Watch this video to learn more

Dubin Breast Center Fact vs. Fiction Luncheon and Symposium

The Annual Dubin Breast Center Fact vs. Fiction Luncheon and Symposium is a unique event at which Dubin Breast Center leaders give you answers, decipher the myths from the truths, and open up a dialogue about breast health and cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. This year’s panelists represented the best in Breast Surgery, Medical Oncology, Breast Cancer Clinical Research, Breast Imaging, Precision Medicine and Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Health. Watch the 2016 Q&A with our panelists in its entirety here or watch the six excerpts below.
Is there a link between sleep habits and
breast cancer?
Can breast implants cause cancer?
Is a mastectomy preferable to a lumpectomy?

What is research telling us about immunotherapy as a treatment for breast cancer?

Can mammography support heart health?

Is pregnancy an option after a breast cancer diagnosis?